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Create your mobile learning app in a few easy steps!

NEW! Watch the Quick Start Video by clicking here.

First, log in to The Learning Mag. Next, click on the "Create" icon at the top of the screen. You are now on the app creation page. Here are instructions for making a "Quick Start" on creating your first Learning Mag.

1. Leave all settings in the Mobile Options at their defaults. (OK, if you want to have some fun, change the "Mobile Page Transition" to something really jazzy like "Flip." This will make the pages, well, flip when your students swipe or navigate to a new page.)

2. Enter your app information. The title that you assign at this point will be the primary identifier of the app, so choose carefully. If you want to give others an idea about the content of your app when it appears in the Marketplace, enter a brief "description" underneath the title.

3. Next, jump to Contributors (that's you!). Select the role you want to put on the main page for yourself (editor? author?) and enter the information. If you are a publisher, or you are self-publishing this mag, or you want to identify your school or district as the publisher, "add" another contributor and select "Publisher" from the drop down menu. Whoever is identified as the publisher will appear on the title page along with the date (or year) of publication. If you select "other" you can put any text you want into the box (e.g. "Compiled by Sara Smith.")

4. You can add an app logo image for the main page, a mobile icon, and all the other relevant publication information, like the license, later. Now it is time to begin your Learning Mag! Click "Sections" to get started and click to open the first section of your app that provided by default. What ever you enter as the section title will appear on the app main page as a link. Because there is no technical limit on the number of sections you can have in your mag, you can use a section for a single item, or a list of items. It's up to you.

5. When you enter content into the box beneath the title, use any of the buttons for text formatting that are live. If you want to embed a video, just click on the button labeled "HTML" and add the embed code. YouTube videos work great. If you want to add an image (photo, chart, diagram--whatever!), just click on the "add image" button and upload your image and insert it into the chapter.

6. Remember, always, to SAVE YOUR MAG! You will receive a warning if you attempt to leave the Create page without saving, but always save your work every couple of chapters or so. The system will also time out after a while and you don't want unsaved work to be lost due to timeout.

7. Once you have saved your mag, click on the "Build" button to create your app. Once the app is finished building, you can "view" the app and share the link to your mag with anyone you wish! They will be able to view your mag on any mobile device. They can also open the link in the browser of a computer as well, ensuring that students trying to access your content will be able to do so whether they have a mobile device handy or not! You can also share your app using the QR code that is generated for each app; just print this image on a poster, a course catalog, or add it as an image to your blog and others will be able to load the app to their mobile device using a QR code scanner that they download from an app store or market. We really like the free i-nigma code reader!

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