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You write the curriculum. We make the app.

The Learning Mag is a mobile learning textbook that you create for your students. You can organize your course materials into sections with individual mobile links and a slick JQuery Mobile interface that works as well on an Android Phone as on an iPad, iPhone, or PC. By creating your own Learning Mag, you are ensuring that your students have true anywhere, anytime access to their classwork, including assignments, readings, quizzes, videos, the works! Exactly what you want them to see is there, stuffed into the pages of The Learning Mag.

Snap the QR code onto your phone to grab a "mini-mag" of Shakespeare's Sonnet 65. Or click the image on your mobile device to grab the sonnet as well. Works either way. If you have not used QR codes before, you may need to download a QR code reader for your phone. The one we like best is the i-nigma reader, which is available for download in the iPhone App Store and the Android Market.

With The Learning Mag, you also have the ability to email the mag to your students in additional formats for Kindle, Nook, and iPad for them to use when they are offline. This is a great advantage where internet access is limited or unreliable. And you can share all the books in your library or just the one or two you want selected students to see. The Learning Mag serves as a content management system as well as a content creation system for teachers. All the controls are in your hands.

If you would like to give The Learning Mag a spin, just Contact Us and we will send you a code for a 30-day free trial of The Learning Mag.

Still want to know more? Watch the Quick Start video here or read about how it works here.
Or join us for an upcoming 30-minute webinar live tour of the site. Register for the next webinar tour right here.

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